We know very well on Roulette.be that you particularly appreciate starting the week with good news on the world of the game. Even if it is not you who are in the place of the lucky winners that we present every week on our portal , the fact remains that it could well be your case one day. You still have to get started, knowing that online slot machine games, in casinos, or poker games like that in world or European tournaments are not closed to everyone. Far from there ! Except for big, big buy-in competitions like the two we’re going to talk about now.

But all levels can have big wins. And this week we are proving it to you again by telling you about this nice victory of a French neighbor who won $ 1.2 million in one hand during the Triton Series in South Korea and by revealing the nice story to you, in the second part , by Ivan Leow who won the game by also pocketing 1.2 million in 9 hours of poker during the World Series of Poker Europe which took place at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Two great stories of winners to get off to a good start on the first Monday in November.

A Frenchman at the Triton Series in South Korea

One player made a pleasant impression during the last Triton Series which took place in South Korea. He did so by winning a pretty, rather exceptional sum of $ 1.2 million… in one fell swoop. If you are wondering who it is, you will not remain in the dark for long as we are revealing to you today the identity of this person who is in fact not too well known in this environment. It is indeed the French Rui Cao, a poker enthusiast whose popularity rating is well below that of Ivan Leow, who also won a game by pocketing 1.2 million in 9 hours of poker; the second story to which we will come back in the second part of the article. But for the moment, let’s come back to our dear French neighbor.

A rather spectacular performance

You should know that this player is the winner of one of the biggest hands of recent years during the Triton Series. This competition which took place a few days ago is still relatively unknown in Europe today. And yet, this event brings together both professional world poker players, but also Asian billionaires ready to do anything and especially to spend crazy sums to win the first prize.

It is indeed a tournament which is not necessarily accessible to all players, because its access requires a deposit of at least 300,000 dollars. And it is therefore no less than 263,000 euros that it will have been necessary to invest in French to have the right to play. Suffice to say that you have to have a lot of self-confidence to get started in this Poker competition, the impressive buy-in of which here is not so new or original as that, some still going well above. During this festival, and as logic wishes, some participants managed to reach the much sought-after final table.

And of the spectacle, one can say that there was some. There is no doubt that all eyes in the room were then riveted on the concentration of candidates around this table offering players to compete in cash games with high limits. Suddenly the cameras were all pointed at Malaysian Paul Phua when he discovered a pair of kings. The latter then decides to call the big blind, without raising, for $ 4,500. He will then trigger here a risk that he will soon regret and which will cost him dearly. Indeed, his chances of beating the pair of aces of French Rui Cao are rather low and it is ultimately the latter who will finally pocket the jackpot, the incredible amount of 1,248,300 dollars.